MRA|Revecore Features Innovations in Complex Claims Management Technology with Latest AcciClaim® Release

126th sprint automation generates greater ROI and faster reimbursements

Today, Medical Reimbursements of America, a Revecore Company and leader in specialized revenue cycle management solutions, released its 126th sprint of AcciClaim®, its proprietary claim management technology first introduced in 2014.

Over the past 5+ years the company’s technology has continued to evolve to create the nation’s leading accident claims management platform. AcciClaim has transformed the management of specialized claims by offering a highly automated solution for property and casualty claim investigation, billing and payment resolution for complex motor vehicle accident and workers’ compensations claims.

With this latest release, MRA|Revecore has further enhanced and expanded the platform’s automated billing capabilities which enable claims to be billed out to payers within seconds of receipt.  Additional advancements have also been made in the system’s already intelligent AcciClaim Payer Search™ (APS) engine which enables the technology to identify, gather and coordinate all applicable insurance benefits in order to ensure compliant claim submission based on complex payer, state and federal rules including Medicare Secondary Payer. AcciClaim is able to utilize these multi-layered encoded decision matrices along with automated and electronic property and casualty billing to substantially decrease days to pay across all markets in workers’ compensation and liability claims.  Additionally, the system now automates the entire lien filing process by incorporating these same county, state and hospital-specific rules to ensure liens are filed accurately and on time.

“AcciClaim defines the standard for complex claims processing,” said Michael Chance, CIO of Revecore. “We are thrilled about its evolution in this latest release.  AcciClaim delivers insight in real-time, displaying the system’s decisions as well as tracking all human interactions. This update translates to faster reimbursements, compliant billing and greater ROI for our clients.  Most importantly, it enables MRA to focus on what we care about the most: customer service.  By using technology to remove many of our operational burdens, our most valuable human resources are able to put extra time and effort into making sure each claim is treated with the highest priority so it can be maximized and resolved as quickly as possible.”

“With a tenured team invested in being true business partners with our clients, we have the flexibility to customize our implementation process to each hospital’s needs, enabling us to complete implementations on time, every time,” said Patrick O’Connell, Senior VP of Implementation and Account Management. “Furthermore, we can modify AcciClaim features to meet the unique needs of our clients’ operations.  This occurs not only during the onboarding process, but throughout the relationship. Avoiding a cookie-cutter approach and adopting a strategy of solving each client’s unique goals has been a critical benefit of AcciClaim.”

MRA|Revecore employs more than 200 reimbursement specialists, revenue cycle experts, and attorneys who focus solely on collecting all that hospitals are entitled to for the services they provide to patients involved in accidents. So far this year, MRA|Revecore has added 173 new hospitals with a combined $17 billion in net patient revenue to its client portfolio.

“Today, more and more hospital CFOs are directly seeking us out, ready to invest in partners that can bring scalable automation-enabled solutions to the table,” Chance added. “Not only are they looking to capture all dollars owed, but they are eager to work with someone who can build processes and solutions around their specific needs and offer unparalleled reporting and analytics capabilities. With our 20 year history, customizable workflow rules and advanced automation, we are able to help them realize and accurately budget for increased reimbursements while tailoring our solutions to operate in a highly efficient manner for their unique needs.”