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Revecore specializes in identifying, recovering, and preventing underpayments and denials from commercial and government payers, and securing accurate reimbursement for Motor Vehicle and Workers’ Compensation accidents and Veterans Affairs Claims.

Revenue Integrity

Underpayment Recovery

We bring our unique and customized technology to help you collect dollars that would have otherwise gone unrecovered. Doing so helps you increase your revenue and identify valuable insights to strengthen the effectiveness of your internal operation. Our extensive analytics and sophisticated data mining techniques are performed to identify payment errors and additional reimbursement opportunities.

Teams of specialists including clinicians, coders, and experienced analysts.


Algorithms and underpayment queries


Collected since 2000


Recovered in the past 12 months


Denials Recovery

Our 25+ years of data and intelligence gained from tracking payer behavior will give you unequaled insights into denials and payer behavior. Our best-in-class strategies to identify fail points, develop comprehensive corrective action plans, and enhance recovery efforts will maximize cash flow and bolster KPI performance.

Industry-leading root cause analytics and reporting.

Highest denial recovery rates in the industry.

Transfer DRG

We employ a combined approach to reviewing Transfer DRG – taking the best of technology and pairing it with our Medicare claims experts to produce a thorough and compliant review for our clients. We take extra steps in our review process to ensure quality and accuracy with minimal impact on hospital operations.

Licensed and proprietary pricing engines.

Custom algorithms and queries.

Validation of post-acute care claim activity and dates of care.

Thorough documentation and comprehensive monthly reporting.

Complex Claims

We process $4B in complex claims annually

Workers' Compensation

We deliver a complete solution for workers’ compensation accident claims management. Our dedicated team gets the most from each claim, billing correctly up front and aggressively managing all underpayments and appeals. Plus, we simultaneously ensure compliance and timely filing by meeting all state and federal regulations and workers’ compensation carrier and TPA requirements.

Workers’ Compensation Days to Pay


Motor Vehicle Accidents

Revecore provides hospitals with a comprehensive, single-source solution for the management of motor vehicle accident claims. Our process starts with the proper identification of claims related to accidents. In addition to training your hospital registration team to ask the right questions, our comprehensive post-discharge investigation process scans rich data sources to quickly identify accident claims, and then captures the information necessary to submit complete and accurate claims to the appropriate payers.

Motor Vehicle Accidents Days to Pay


Veterans Affairs

With the inherent complexity of VA claims and ongoing changes within the Veterans Administration, hospitals seldom have the expertise, resources or bandwidth to correctly manage these claims. Revecore’s VA team stays abreast of the constant changes, alleviating tremendous burden on your staff, allowing hospitals and health systems the ability to focus on their core business office functions.

We’ve got the expertise, experience and technology to manage these claims and increase revenue.

Correct first time billing to help speed recoveries.

Assertive follow up to expedite claim resolution.

Specialized support staff to overcome eligibility issues and unjustified denials.

Reduced payment times.

VA days to pay