Patient Satisfaction is Paramount: 3 Important Guidelines

Patient satisfaction has become an increasingly important focus for hospital CEOs nationwide. Not only does the voice of the patient impact a hospital’s actual reimbursement rates, it continues to amplify with the increasing dollars held in the “patient responsibility” bucket. Expectations from patients are extremely high, and innovations around price, service, and access have become imperative for providers. Hospitals are making strategic decisions about how they will stand out in what has become a very competitive, patient-driven landscape. Talking about helping patients navigate the complexity of health care is not enough…building a focus on patient satisfaction into your culture and process is essential. While there are many aspects involved in this process, here are some trends that are important to think about when evaluating your hospital’s patient relations:

  • Patient satisfaction extends beyond the clinical interaction between a health care provider and a patient. Mapping the patient experience allows providers to understand the impact of each touchpoint with the patient.
  • Make sure that each and every partner along the revenue cycle has a consistent commitment to ensuring a quality patient experience.
  • Align with organizations who can serve as advocates for your patients. One key way to solidify relationships with patients is to relieve them of much of the worry related to complex billing issues during times of crisis.