Revecore Ranked As Top Performer in KLAS Complex Claims Report

Revecore, the leading provider of revenue integrity and complex claims solutions for hospitals, today announced that the 2022 KLAS Report on Complex Claims found that 100% of Revecore clients are highly satisfied and would purchase again.

With a total score of 96.1, key strengths cited by clients include strength of partnership, engagement execution, quality of staff/consultants and value.

The report also notes that Revecore builds strategic relationships that include skills and services not commonly considered part of a complex claims engagement and nearly all clients are highly likely to recommend the firm to their peers.

“We are extremely pleased to see that we continue to exceed our clients’ expectations and the high value they place on our strategic partnership,” said Patrick O’Connell, Executive Vice President of Account Management & Implementations. “Health systems’ revenue cycle teams have an incredibly challenging job. All of us at Revecore are proud to deliver our clients the opportunity to outsource complex claims to a Best in KLAS ranked firm with unparalleled technology, 22+ years of experience and legal team that helps to level the playing field. Removing these complex claims from our client’s workload while achieving a significant ROI is extremely fulfilling. KLAS offers an unbiased view of how we create value for our clients and this report further validates that. We are grateful for our partnerships and the candid feedback our clients share.”

Revecore Client Comments:
We couldn’t keep up with our complex claims, and we couldn’t get payers to pay what was owed because we didn’t have the time to fight for that. Either the claims would age out or we wouldn’t get any more money. Now, using Revecore’s services, we have consistently seen a high percentage of increased collections. Even with Revecore’s contingency fees, we still come out way ahead, and I don’t have to have a part-time employee managing that process. We have also seen increased customer service and improved patient experience because Revecore knows the right questions to ask. I have recommended Revecore multiple times.”
 ~Director, May 2022

“I would rank Revecore as top notch. There isn’t anything I see that could be going better. Revecore is very thorough and knowledgeable. Those characteristics are part of their niche in the market. Revecore’s strength is negotiation. They are well versed in state laws. They do the research when they get attorney settlement requests. I don’t have time to dig into those things to understand and acclimate myself to them. The firm’s presentations are solid. They make recommendations on whether settlements are good offers. If we kept complex claims services in-house, we wouldn’t have the same level of expertise we do because we are stretched thin and are trying to handle multiple payers. Revecore has subject matter experts in complex claims. We have seen improved claims resolutions and a reduction in our A/R since using Revecore.”
~VP / Other Executive, Jan 2022

The full report, Complex Claims Services 2022, is available from KLAS Research.